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Global Aircraft Asset Manager, Dismantler & Recycler, CAVU Aerospace, named as AFRA Board President

Last month, Brent Webb, CAVU Aerospace Secret Weapon & Vice President of Technology Integration, was elected President of the board of directors for the Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association (AFRA). AFRA is a global membership-based association that strives to elevate industry performance and increase commercial value for end-of-service aircraft. The election was held during the annual conference on July 14-16 in Montreal, Quebec Canada. The theme of the annual AFRA conference was “Future Forward”.

Webb has 30 + years’ experience in the aviation & aerospace industry. Webb has also served on various AFRA committees including Website Redesign, Government Affairs, Research & Development and Best Management Practices Committee. In addition, Webb serves as President & CEO of AIMS (Aircraft Inventory Management) in Dallas, TX.

“It’s an honor to be elected and serve as the AFRA board President. I have been a part of AFRA since its inception and the core values of AFRA are philosophies that are critical to fostering safe recycling practices in the aviation industry. I will continue to pursue policies and practices that provide a stable framework for company growth,” said Webb.

About CAVU Aerospace

Founded in 2010, CAVU Aerospace Inc. is one of the world’s leading providers of asset management, maintenance, repair, disassembly & recycling services, and creator of the suite of CAVUSmartServices™ which include the patent pending CAVU SmartTags™, a secure inventory real-time tracking system, CAVUSmartMRO™, CAVUSmartBids™, and CAVUSmartLogistic™. As of today, CAVU has three fixed based disassembly locations including Stuttgart, Arkansas, Roswell, New Mexico and Victorville, California as well as mobile teams to travel to where the plane is located. CAVU Component Repair, located in Mesa, Arizona broke ground in July 2019 with an 80,000 square foot facility. CAVU Aerospace provides customized on-site and mobile part out solutions. CAVU’s consignment services support various airframe and engine models including both wide and narrow body Boeing & Airbus models, Bombardier and Embraer.

About AFRA

Established in 2006, AFRA is a membership-based global collaboration to elevate industry performance and increase commercial value for end-of-service aircraft. AFRA represents companies from across the globe and throughout the supply-chain – from manufacturers to materials recyclers. Through the collective experience of its members, AFRA’s Best Management Practice (BMP) Guide has significantly improved the management of end-of-life aircraft in terms of environmental and sustainable performance.

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