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CAVU Aerospace is the most reliable and efficient strategic partner to major airline operations managers and asset leasing managers for their aircraft end of service needs.


CAVU is a certified 145 Repair Station and one of the world’s leading providers of aircraft asset management, disassembly, and recycling services. CAVU operations are conducted from its four locations in Stuttgart, Arkansas; Roswell, New Mexico; Mesa, Arizona; and Victorville, California.


We are transforming the commercial aviation dismantle and remarketing business with our suite of CAVUSmartServices™ which includes CAVUSmartTags™, CAVUSmartBids™, CAVUSmartLogistic™, and our CAVUSmartMRO™ services. Our proprietary CAVUSmartTags™ system provides real-time tracking of every aircraft component from the moment of disassembly to shipping and delivery at your desired destination. Our innovative technology guarantees unmatched speed, accuracy, accountability, and convenience.  


In every project, we see an opportunity to demonstrate our reliability and efficiency. Our experience has taught us that every minute past a deadline, is a minute too late.  

How to Dismantle an Aircraft in 19 Days

CAVU was approached by Turbo Resources, a large international aviation aftermarket organization that had been awarded a Boeing 747-400 for dismantle.

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