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  1. I/we (Customer) agree to not sell, export, re-export, or ship any parts, materials, or documents acquired from CAVU Aerospace, Inc (CAVU) to current embargoed or banned nations as set forth by the United States Government. For a current list of embargoed or banned countries, please contact the appropriate agency of the U.S. Government.

  2. I/we shall acquire and obtain any licenses or prior approvals required by the U.S. Government for sale, export, and re-export of parts, products, or other materials purchased from CAVU.

  3. I/we will abide by all United States export laws and regulations for all parts, products, and other materials purchased from CAVU.

  4. I/we will not sell, export, or re-export any parts, products, or other materials purchased from CAVU for use in the development or production of nuclear, chemical, or bio-chemical weapons.

  5. I/we agree that if any of the above items (1-4) are not met, our purchase order or business is subject to cancellation or termination.

  6. Should a violation of any of these terms occur, the customer shall notify CAVU immediately and fully co-operate in any and all investigations or litigations.



  1. A purchase order must be received in paper form by email. Orders may be emailed directly to a sales representative or sent to the sales department by:

    1. Email –

  2. A purchase order cannot be taken over the phone.

  3. In the event more than one company sends a purchase order for a given part/s, the first purchase order received in hand will be the accepted order.

  4. The minimum dollar amount for a purchase order is $150.00USD.

  5. The minimum purchase price to guarantee a part repairable is $250.00USD. Any sales below $250.00USD are considered “as-is” sales and are not eligible for return.

  6. CAVU does not offer a warranty on any parts outside of the extended warranty issued for a repair facility for repaired, overhauled, or new units. For information on any extended warranties, please ask a sales representative. Parts sold for more than $250.00USD can be either guaranteed repairable or guaranteed to work upon installation.

    1. Guaranteed repairable – We (CAVU) guarantee the part will be able to be repaired by an approved repair facility. If this condition cannot be met, the part is eligible for return (see RMA section).

  7. Guaranteed to work upon installation – We (CAVU) guarantee that if a part has been repaired or overhauled prior to sale, it is guaranteed to work upon installation. If this condition cannot be met, the part is eligible for return (see RMA section)

  8. If an exchange order is done, you are required to fill out an exchange agreement from CAVU, stating the terms of the exchange.

    1. A signed exchange agreement must be received back from the customer prior to shipment of the order.

    2. If an exchanged part is not received back by CAVU within the time frame noted on the exchange agreement, you are subject to additional exchange fees or being charged the outright core value.

    3. Any changes to this must be approved by a sales representative.

  9. All orders are shipped Freight on Board (FOB) from the point of shipment. “All shipping” is then the responsibility of the customer from the FOB point. CAVU will not be responsible for lost or destroyed shipments that are not insured by the customer. CAVU will not reimburse shipping on returned parts.



  1. An RMA may be issued for a part if one (or more) of the following occur:

    1. The customer is shipped the incorrect unit from that which was listed on the purchase order.

    2. The customer receives a damaged or broken unit without prior notification and written consent.

    3. The part ordered cannot pass repair and is termed Beyond Economical Repair (BER).

    4. The part ordered does not work upon installation.

  2. To have an RMA issued on a part/s, the customer must contact a sales representative. The customer is obligated to supply proof of the issue which may include but is not limited to:

    1. Shop Report from an FAA/EASA approved repair facility

    2. A report from an airline or appropriate aircraft operator that the part was not able to work upon installation

    3. A picture of the part showing either damage or that the incorrect part was shipped and received.

  3. All returns must be pre-approved and cannot be returned without prior receipt of an RMA from CAVU.

  4. The customer is required to follow the instructions for return of the part/s as marked on the RMA. The RMA number must be referenced on all documentation pertaining to the return and must also be clearly marked on the outside of the returned package. If this condition is not met, the customer is subject to a fee.

  5. The request for return of a part for reasons not stated above may be approved at the discretion of a CAVU sales representative. These returns are subject to additional restocking fees.




  1. Orders are shipped on prepay (by credit card, check, or wire transfer), C.O.D., or a Net Terms basis as approved by CAVU.

    1. Approval for Net terms is subject to meeting the following requirements:

      1. Completion of at least 3 separate orders with CAVU.

      2. Submission of a credit application to CAVU.

  2. Once the credit application has been reviewed, Net terms may be approved at the discretion of CAVU.

  3. If approved for Net terms, payment is required within the time (calendar days) allotted by your net terms after the order is invoiced out. If this condition is not met, you are subject to additional fees and removal from Net terms on future orders (at the discretion of CAVU).

    1. Payment is due within the time frame allotted regardless of situations such as the part waiting for repair at a shop or acceptance by the customer’s quality department.

    2. Past due invoices are subject to a monthly finance charge of 1.5% or $25.00USD, whichever is greater, until the balance is paid in full.

    3. In addition, CAVU may seek assistance from an outside collection agency. The customer will be responsible for all collection costs and attorneys’ fees (where allowed by law) in connection with any delinquent payment.

  4. CAVU reserves the right to establish other terms of payment and suspend or restrict shipments to the Customer if payments are delinquent, if the Customer has exceeded the established credit limit, or if the financial condition of the Customer at any time, in CAVU’s sole judgment and discretion, does not justify the terms of payment specified.

  5. For prepay orders, payment must be initiated within 7 business days from the receipt of the purchase order. If payment is not initiated within 7 business days, the order is subject to cancellation.

  6. Checks returned for any reason will be assessed a processing charge of $65.00USD.

  7. If payment is to be made by wire transfer, the customer is required to comply with the following:

    1. All wire transfers will be made in United States Dollars (USD).

    2. The customer is responsible for their own bank’s wire transfer fees.

    3. The customer must include an additional an additional $30.00USD for international wire transfers.

    4. Any excess funds received will be credited to your account

  8. All customers are required to supply the following current accounting information at all times:

    1. A current name and contact information (phone and email) for an appropriate accounting representative within your company.

    2. A current resale certificate.


All terms and conditions of this agreement are subject to change at any time. Customer is responsible for such adjustments without prior notice. Fees and penalties are subject to change in accordance with bank fees and prime interest rates.

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